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Changes on the donation page

To all of you who have been so kind to donate through bitcoin, thank you very much. This will be not be possible any more though, because there are no more donations coming in since this currency exploded in value. So I have decided to spend the few euros on a take-away meal and ate that while entering data into this website.

How else can you support this website? Simply go to our Donation page and leave a small tip, especially if it helped you with solving a problem or with your restoration work. All donations are used to benefit this website. Want to know how your donations are spent? Simply look here.

Thank you! :)

All donations are fully used for the hosting of this website and acquisition of documentation. Thank you very much!! 日本から来た方は、特別寄付のページをご利用ください。 「スタート」をクリックし、「日本からの寄付」をクリックしてください。


I am also VERY happy with books and magazines. In paper or digital, please send them to me. I will return the paper books or magazines to you if you want that.

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