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[FIXED] Issue with the donation page!

All fixed! You can send a donation again if you are so inclined ;)

I was just notified that my donation page (eventually) lands on a "This page does not exist" page on the website of paypal. Going to fix that today and if you want to send me a direct paypal donation, please do so at sales @ .

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!


New HDD acquired for data storage!

I just bought a new hard drive for my storage server as one drive (and most important one, the parity drive) was getting old. How old? Well, it's been spinning since april 2014. So yeah, it's about time to have a drive ready before the current one croaks. This storage server literally holds all my not yet published data that I have acquired over the years and it would be a shame if that got lost.

All this is possible because of your donations and
I'd like to thank everyone who sent some money to the tipjar! <3

hard drive

Your admin has a new screen

Sponsored by a very nice person that has moved out of this country (unfortunately)!

People are asking me if i'm okay using this screen for my work instead of watching films and TV... I don't see any issue. Right?  \>_>/

Screenshot 2020 02 07 Start スタート Honda 4 stroke net All the data for your Honda Mot