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Maintenance data for Honda C65 (M)

This is the maintenance data for the Honda C65 (M). The source of this data is Chilton's Honda Singles Repair and Tune-up Guide, 2nd ed. This book covers models made between 1968 and 1975.

Fuel, Oil and Tire Pressure  
Gas Tank (gal) 1.2
Engine Oil (qt/l) 0.8/0.8
Front forks @ Leg (oz/cc)  
Tire Pressure 1 Front / Rear (psi) 24/30
Battery specifications  
Brand Yuasa
Model MBC1-6A
Voltage 6
Amp hrs. 2
Continuous Charging Rate (Amps) 0.2

1 = Add 2 psi front, 4-6 psi rear, when carrying a passenger or for high-speed operation
2 = 7-21 psi according to conditions --- not applicable

Periodic maintenance, based upon normal usage after break-in is complete


  • Check engine oil level
  • Tire pressure (cold)
  • Spokes for tightness
  • Battery electrolyte level
  • Tightness of critical nuts and bolts
  • Chain adjustment

Every 200 miles

  • Lubricate and adjust drive chain

Every 1500 miles

  • Change engine oil
  • Clean and inspect air filter element
  • Decarbonize spark arrestor

Every 2000 miles

  • Clean and lubricate drive chain

Every 3000 miles

  • Clean and gap spark plug
  • Check points and ignition timing
  • Check valve adjustment
  • Check cam chain tension
  • Check clutch
  • Check carburetor settings
  • Clean fuel filter and sediment bowl
  • Grease fittings
  • Lubricate controls and cables

Every 6000 miles

  • Clean centrifugal and screen oil filters
  • Change front fork oil
  • Adjust steering head bearings

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