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Okay, so not everything from China is good

Something we all know of course, but one could at least assume that a FUEL filter is resistant against ... uh, I don't know... like... FUEL!

A while ago, I ordered a bunch of fuel filters because with all that much floating around in the old fuel tanks, it is always good to replace them and have a few in stock. What I did not want is pay a few Euro per filter because seriously, it is nothing more than a piece of plastic with a filter in it. Unfortunately, in this case the plastic just warped and started leaking all over the carpet in my office. And no, the petcock was not switched off because in normal circumstances, this is really not needed.

Four new floor tiles and things are fixed again, but the stench will linger for a while, not to mention the colour difference between the bleached out tiles and the brand new ones. Oh well. Do not buy the (similar) ones you see below!



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