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Honda C50 dimensions

honda c50 20170315 1109

Honda C50
Length: 1795 mm
Axle to axle: 1185 mm
Seat length: n/a

Width: 640 mm
Indicator distance front: 316mm
Indicator distance back: 242mm

Height: 975 mm
Ground to center headlight: n/a
Ground to top headlight: 975mm
Ground to center tail light: n/a
Ground to center indicators front: n/a
Ground to center indicators rear: n/a
Ground to mirror: n/a
Seat height: 755mm
Ground clearance: 130 mm

Sales prices for Honda C50 Super Cub

Year Sales price Adjusted sales price
1964 £ - £ -
1965 £ - £ -
1966 £ - £ -
1967 £ - £ -
1968 £ 104.19.0 (Ireland) £ n/a
1969 £ - £ -
1970 £ 118.9.0 (Ireland) £ n/a

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How to identify your Honda C50

This article refers to C50 models after 1977 and sold in the UK.

When working on a later model always refer to this article first; where no information is given it can be assumed that the procedure is essentially the same as that described for the earlier models. It is essential to identify exactly the model being worked on; to assist the owner in this, the major identifying points of each are given below with the relevant frame numbers, where available. Where only one frame number is given, this is the number at which that particular model's production run commenced. Note that the frame number is the only accurate means of identifying a particular model. The Z-2 models are largely identical to the original versions, the only significant difference being the fitting of a new type of carburettor with a handlebar-mounted choke operated by cable. The Z-Z models can be identified by the conical-ended silencer. They employed modified components to give a revised gelselection pattern. The C50Z-A model, usually known as the C50L, was fitted with a single seat and carrier, but in all other respects it is the same as the C50Z-Z; to comply with the new legal definition of a moped it had no provision for carrying a pillion passenger. Note: the C50L must not be confused with the later C50LA models which employ a 3-speed fully automatic transmission.

The C50-C models are easily distinguished by their two-tone dualseats and restyled headlamp cowling and legshields. They all feature modified air filters, 12 volt electrics and CDI ignition systems.

The C50-E received the same styling alterations and new features described above but was also fitted with a completely redesigned engine/gearbox unit which featured many modifications to improve fuel economy; amongst other new features, a 4-speed transmission is employed.

Model Frame number
C50Z-2 C50-52655598 to C50-5449865
C50Z-Z C50Z-6000027
C50Z-A(C50L) C50-7000001
C50-C C50-8170046
C50-E N/A

 Source: Haynes OWM - ISBN 1859600123

Carburettor data Honda C50

Model Carburetor Brand Carburetor Type Venturi Size
Honda C50E (NL) Keihin BC50B 11 - 14mm oval
Honda C50H (NL) Keihin JB637A 11,5 mm
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