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The ''Wheelie Wizard'' Show

195 The ''Wheelie Wizard'' Show Geplaatst op: 2005-07-06 19:05:45   Hits: 754
Fans were entertained in the infield all weekend by Tyler Shepard, the "Wheelie Wizard." The 17-year-old stunt cycle rider (left) has been pulling the front wheel off the ground since he was five. He started out on old 50cc Hondas, but now rides a 50cc Panada -- a Chinese clone of the Honda Z-50 -- bored out to 80cc for better control with the front forks removed.

Is this a career move for young Shepard?

"This is his summer job," said Bert Shepard, Tyler’s dad.

"And I don’t have to work at McDonalds like I did last year," adds Tyler.

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