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One Flew Over the Honda's Nest

89 One Flew Over the Honda's Nest Geplaatst op: 2005-05-27 09:36:16   Hits: 686

When we visited my father in Cedar City, Utah some years ago, my brother decided he wanted to build a moped like none has been build before. He had a frame, an old SS50 frame, and some miscellaneous parts lying around, like a gas tank and a rear fork. Before we left, he already thought of getting a CT90 or maybe bigger as starter.

Well, after some searching and making a few phone calls, we went to look at a CT110 with a double gearbox that could be worth checking out. I was not prepared for what I saw there. The guy was living in the middle of nowhere, cars where lying about everywhere en occasionally a dead Honda had found his final resting place. The o­ne he had running he sold, because he needed the money. We did not get it cheap.
What we did get cheap was a CB350 frame without an engine and a rear wheel. We bought it from the scrapheap for the nuts and bolts, as well as the wires and the headlight. This deal was made for 3 dollars and the parts that were left we simply returned to the heap.

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