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Privacy Statement and TOS

English - Español - Português - Français - Deutsch - 日本語 abides by the law and is very strict in protecting your privacy when you register here. To comply with the 2018 Privacy Statement law, we have rewritten this statement in a way that is easily readable and understandable for you. Easily legible text simplifies things a lot for you and us. Please read it carefully because as you will expect things from us, we also expect things from you. The PS and TOS can be changed at any time and without notification.


1.1 You gain access to our members-only sections, like our library.
1.2 You can comment on articles on the main website.
1.3 You will not make use of a disposable e-mail address.
1.4 You can upload Honda-related material to us.
1.5 You will not register a second account to circumvent the download limit.


2.1 Please be aware that by uploading media to us, you grant us indefinite permission to use it on the website. We will not claim ownership of said material, but you do grant us, without limitations, permission to use it in a non-commercial way on this website or its sister site,
2.2 We also keep the right to refuse sent material. Refusal can happen, for example, due to copyright issues, non-Honda-related material or material that does not fit the theme of this website.


3.1 Your email address can occasionally be used to send you a newsletter. Sending a newsletter or message may happen in sporadic cases and only when an urgent message has to be sent around, like system changes or to reach out for a very good reason.
3.2 Your personal data will never be shared except when a court order forces us to do so.
3.3 Your password is not stored in plain text but is stored in an encoded way. Storing your password in an encoded way makes it very hard to see your password. In case you lose your password, you will need to use our password retrieval system. In case you have lost your username, you will need to use our username retrieval system.
3.4 Requests to manually change your password or username will be denied if the new data has to be sent to an e-mail address other than the one you have registered with. If you do not have access to that e-mail address anymore, then we will ask for proper identification in the form of a copy of your passport or ID card. Since this is a manual process, resetting your data will take some time, but usually no longer than 24 hours.
3.5 Please do not use passwords you also use on other websites. Other websites and companies get hacked constantly, exposing your data to the world. Do not let your password recycling compromise this website.
3.6 If you wish to have your account removed from this website, please send a message, and an administrator will remove your account permanently.
3.7 Your download behaviour is recorded in a log file to help you out when you have trouble downloading a file and to let the system know that you have (not) reached your daily allotted download quota. This data is automatically purged after seven days. This log contains your IP address, the time and date and the file you have downloaded.
3.8 You can request your usage data. Do not expect this to be much, though, since the log files are purged with short intervals. See Item 3.7.
3.9 FLoC is switched OFF on this website. I will not allow your browser to track your surfing habits. Read more here and here.


4.1 By EU law, we are required to notify you that we are making use of cookies. This website is using cookies for your login procedure. These cookies are also used to gather visitor statistics for internal purposes by Google Analytics. The data will not be shared or sold to third parties. This website uses cookies for the Google Translate service.
4.2 Anonymized data will be posted on the website occasionally to show how things are going. The data will contain the total number of visitors, served countries and such.
4.3 This website will not use nor condone the use of tracking cookies. Your data remains here, and it will not be used for commercial purposes of any kind. The cookie length is longer than usual for extra security and will be valid for 15 days unless you delete it in the meantime.


5.1 This website is protected in various (automated) ways to prevent unauthorised access.
5.2 Security measures are regularly updated and tweaked.
5.3 This website triggers automated alerts in case of attempts to gain unauthorised access.
5.4 We ban so-called "throw-away" email addresses.
5.5 Since May 2015, your connection has been secured with an SSL connection.
5.6 Longer cookie lengths than most websites.
5.7 Harder passwords are now required.
5.8 There is no 100% security, but we're doing as much as possible.
5.9 Your password will not be sent to you any more after you register.
5.10 Malicious Crawler/Index/AI bots are now being actively banned.


6.1 We expect you to behave civilly. Don't make us call your mother.
6.2 We expect you to provide the source or backlink if you use our downloads, documentation, articles and photos.
6.3 Download what you need, not what you want. The data will be online and free for at least another decade, and you can return any time you like. If we catch you downloading every single document on the website (because you want to sell it and rip off people, maybe), you will get a permanent (IP) ban. If you choose to use another IP address, this will be banned, too. We can keep this up longer than you.

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Last change:

October 3, 2023
item 5.10 has been added.
Item [all] grammar improvement.

June 21, 2021 - Changes
Item 4.1 has been changed. To hell with Google Analytics.

June 16, 2021 - Changes:
Item 3.9 has been added, stating that FLoC has been blocked on this website.
TOS is translated into multiple languages.

September 17th, 2018 - Changes:
Item 5.9 has been added. Big faux-pas by Joomla.

May 22, 2018 - Changes:
To be compliant with the new 2018 privacy law, some items in this agreement have been extended or explained in a better way. In a nutshell: Your data is (still) protected, and you can request your user data. You can also still (this has always been the case) request to have your account removed. 

November 20, 2017 - Changes:
Added 3.7 has been added. Item about a (download) log file.

June 19, 2017 - Changes:
Item 6.1 has been changed since the forum was removed.
Item 1.3 has been removed because we stopped hosting a forum.
Item 2.1 has "non-commercial" added. Not making a profit from your stuff.
Non-listed item: A coffee has been had.

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