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I may have fixed a very annoying bug!

Some files, especially the larger ones, were not able to download to a visitor's computer. I noticed that the download button said "view" instead of "download". Apparently, some values in the core of the website had to be altered to acomodate larger chunks of data. So I hope this puts an end to download issues! Enjoy!

EDIT: I actually have fixed it. Huzzah!


Popular Mechanics april 1961 1250px


Only $245 p.o.e. plus $10 east of Miss. River. (Electric Starter optional $30)

Not a motor scooter, not a motorcycle- it's a SUPER CUB, wonderful new idea in high-fun, low-cost transportation for work, market, beach, school. Anyone can ride it, anyone can afford it! Test ride the SUPER CUB at your motorcycle or sporting goods dealer now.

• Powerful 50 cc overhead valve, 4·stroke engine, cruises at 40 m. p.h.
• 3-speed transmission, automatic clutch.
• Starts at the push of a button.
• No gasoline-oil mixture needed.
• Whisper quiet ... rugged, dependable.

5 models. including amazing SUPER TRAIL CUB for hunting, fishing, camping.

世界のイセストビープルホソダに東 る

I'm halfways sure it says "You meet the nicest people on a Honda", but my trusty translator is not having its day today. I managed to find every character here (extremely useful website) and the only thing I didn;t manage to find was the character 東. Which is rather frustrating. It looks like it, but I'm sure it is not the correct one.

Anyway, the Dutch, German, Britons and French all like their Honda C100 :)

honda c100 1963 dutch french english german

[NL] Je ziet de leukste mensen op een Honda (1967)

1967 je ziet de leukste mensen op een honda

Je ziet de leukste mensen op een Honda - Nu al voor fl. 448,-
Little Honda, viertakt, Volautomatisch!

Gewone benzine, geen mengsmering, zuinig, veilig en schoon (mechaniek achter je)
Maak een gratis proefrit bij je Honda-dealer of vraag zonder verplichting de prachtige kleurenfolder aan bij: Honda Motor NV - Zenostraat 186 - Rotterdam-24

You see the nicest people on a Honda - Now already for fl. 448
Little Honda, four-stroke, fully automatic!
Ordinary petrol, no mixing fuel, economical, safe and clean (mechanical parts behind you)
Take a free test drive at your Honda dealer or request the beautiful colour brochure at no obligation: Honda Motor NV - Zenostraat 186 - Rotterdam-24

First 180km om a Mash 650!

What a different ride is a bike with a 650cc one-cylinder engine! But so much fun! Literally everything is different from any other bike that I previously owned. Also, this is one of the very few, if not the first blue one here in The Netherlands. The green model seems to be more popular, but I prefer blue. More soon when the weather is nice enough for another long ride!

photo 2022 01 31 10 14 37 mash 650 sixhundred 2022

photo 2022 01 31 10 14 41 mash 650 sixhundred 2022

photo 2022 01 31 10 14 43 mash 650 sixhundred 2022

And of course, I have made it quite dirty already! :D

photo 2022 01 31 10 14 46 mash 650 sixhundred 2022

photo 2022 01 31 10 14 48 mash 650 sixhundred 2022

I will also publish the owner's manual soon which is also a very helpful workshop manual!

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