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And some more progress on the PS50!

Very glad that I find a new hand gear shifter and throttle unit in black! I was also suprised that it was actually still for sale. Not for Honda though. No. I am very jealous at Puch owners. Parts for those mopeds are still made and are available in large quantities for reasonable prices. Soooo this shifter is not Honda original. The brand Magura is at least correct. The only thing I did not look at is if the gear pattern is the same, but that too can be solved if there is an issue.

honda ps50 hand shifter

honda ps50 throttle

Making a new rear axle!

Since I am still recovering from the plague, I decided to make a rear axle for my Honda PS50 project!

The old axle is a self-made nightmare and I'm sure I can do much better than that. So time to get some material, a lathe and a thread cutter.

IMG 7759

New 12mm~ rod and the old axle.

IMG 7760

Using the lathe to get it exactly 12mm

IMG 7768

Marking the axle where i have to make it a smidge thinner. A smidge.

IMG 7770

Oops. The smidge was a bit too smidge-y. Now I have to start over again. But not today, as energy levels are very very low. What I will do today is testfit the new handle bar and grips!

No support.

Hello everyone, I've caught the virus and I can't provide support at the moment.
I might have a look every so often in the coming time, but I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Multiple times.

I'm okay again. Support resumes from today.

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