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One of my PC800s almost got stolen in Aachen, Germany

photo 2019 07 18 18 05 53

These people have been pretty stupid and had no idea how to steal a bike. I found my bike in Aachen, Germany with a destroyed ignition lock and a lot of cowling damage. There was one witness and he stated that it was a Dutch guy in a chopper who spotted the bike and came back with two friends to "do the job" with the excuse that it was their bike.

photo 2019 07 18 18 06 27

As a bonus they stole my helmet and they locked the bike on a bike fence. The latter was simply solved, but the helmet is gone of course. Ignition lock and battery destroyed, fuel cap was open so i dont know if something has been put in there, lots of plastic damage.

photo 2019 07 18 18 06 33

I will wait the police report and their investigation. The witness will be questioned at the station and in the meanwhile I am going to save up some money for a reward that leads to the thieves. Be aware that I don't take kindly on thieves. Be VERY aware about this. The person that comes forward with usable information that leads to the whereabouts of the thieves will be rewarded and I will hope for them that the Police will arrive sooner than I do.

photo 2019 07 18 18 06 38

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