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One of my Honda PC800's passed the 60k miles mark!

I got this bike when it had 53.000 miles on the counter and yesterday it passed 60.000! The exhaust has become quite crusty in the meanwhile, but overall it is doing really well. Over the course of the 7.000 miles it had two oil changes. One because the previous owner used crap oil and the second time because I like to change the oil every 5.000 miles. It's a € 40 investment and it's well worth it.

honda pc800 60000 miles



( Btw, if you happen to think that 60k is not much and your bike has done at least four times as much, good for you ;) )


0 #2 foxbox 2018-09-10 22:35
Quoting Goldie:
ook met je verjaardag natuurlijk :)

Ha, dank je wel!! :)
+2 #1 Goldie 2018-09-10 21:01

ook met je verjaardag natuurlijk :)

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