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Compatibility issues between different types of vf700's

We have recently bought a Honda VF700 Sabre '85 as US model and the speedometer was not working at all. This was a two-fold problem; One problem was that the speedometer cable was broken due to it being bent in a very steep angle and the other problem was that the mechanics down by the wheel were ceased.

Thinking that the Metric - Imperial mechanics were in the speedometer itself, I decided to replace the ceased component and fitted it back on the front axle. This lead to a big problem. After everything was mounted back in, the entire wheel was stuck and the wheel seemed to be off-centre. After taking everything off again, it appeared that the METRIC version is about 3 mm narrower than the Imperial one.


On the left is the Metric version, on the right is the Imperial version.

Now, what to do? Should I make a ring that covers the 3mm space? No. The difference between Kilometers and Miles is not in the speedometer but in these components at the wheel! The Metric (KM) version spindle turns 3x when turning the cog one turn and the Imperial version spindle turns 2.5x when spinning the cog one turn.

Solution in this case is repairing the old cog by making a 2mm brass pin and sticking it into the cog. This solution works well but please not that I have fitted the pin on the wrong side of one of the worn plastic pins. It still works, but I made a mistake in this case.


A 2mm pin is easily made with a lathe (which we happen to have)


Note: I probably have named parts wrongly and stuff, but this article was a bit of a rush job while being at work.

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