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New website, new stuff, new news!

Dear visitor and/or member of this website!

You are looking at a completely overhauled website! This was desperately needed after a few failures (some of them caused by yours truly) and the unfortunate need of obsolete software. A good year of brainstorming and testing things out turned out into the website you are looking at right now.

At first, this website was meant to gather some data and generally be a hobby website. And just as with working with Hondas, it became a passion. (obsessionobsessionobsession D:) So in the state the website used to be, not everything was easily accessible and it also turned out that it is sometimes better to use paid software and plug-ins, rather than free. A wad of money has been raked together and a few licences have been bought.

From today you will see this version of, a website that can provide you information about your Honda in under 4 clicks. Also a website that very carefully guards your privacy and login data, something that is perhaps not needed with "just a download site", but we refuse to become a statistic. Your cookies are generally safer than at other websites, your connection goes via SSL and we have a large number of implementations built in this system shielding you and us from people with bad intentions. The ultimate goal is to have a low maintenance website, that is easy for you to navigate and very easy for us to add data to.

In the coming period, we will continue feeding the website with articles from the past that have not been entered yet. The same goes for a few documents. We decided to open the website at an earlier point so we could make some better progress in the end. So have fun re-reading some hopefully interesting articles! We estimate that all articles are back up in about two weeks.

What's new?
Not only the navigation has been improved and tested for easy access, we also removed a lot of clutter. Clutter that is not needed and basically making things harder for us and confusing for you.

We also "ditched" our old forum. Reason for this is that the old SMF forum was not able to integrate with Joomla. To bridge this issue, a third piece of software was synchronising Joomla users and Forum users which was a very tricky thing. Next to this, we also used two different databases which also complicated things. So all new members from now on can only use the new forum, the old users can use the old forum until June 30th. After this date, the forum will be locked and only accessible for archive purposes.

You may have noticed that the amount of menu items have shrunk significantly and that is correct. In our strive for simplicity, we"ve created a partly familiar and partly new menu structure. Go explore! And if you can't find what you are looking for, use the search! The search is awesome! And we keep adding data on a regular basis!

We are aware that the connection with the website seems slow, but we're working on moving to another host.

Finally, I would like to thank Goldie for testing the beta version and pointing at a few issues that have been fixed or have been swept under the carpet by now ;)


Peter van Geelen and 3XN

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