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Rerun time!

Groundhog Day

10 internet points if you get the reference xD

I've decided to do quite a bit of reposts. Why, you wonder? Well since I am still (omg yes, still a lot of articles to move from the borked website to here) moving articles around I thought it was a nice idea to post them again for reasons of convenience and to stop people complaining that I seem to be spamming.

The "spamming" comes from posting the missing articles back into their original posting date which triggers my software to post it as new in websites like Twitter and this horrible thing called Facebook. You would not see it on this website as it actually places it in, for example, the row of posts from 2013. There was actually one visitor on the GooglePlus page telling me off how much of a spamming scumbag I was. Needless to say that I really could not care less.

So I hope you will enjoy the articles and I will only repost the more interesting ones anyway!

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