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Owwwww D:

Like every day I was driving my daily 30 km drive from work and while I tried to avoid some idiotic VW Golf drivers, I was pondering about the possibility that the current weather might be too warm for Little Hondas.


For the past few days I am tinkering the settings because my grey Honda PC50 is not running very well. The current outside temperature is 25-30 degrees Celcius and little wind. When the engine was cold, it ran well but along the route the performance declined quite a bit. So was it the heat, and especially the engines' ability to properly aircool the cilinder in these weather conditions?

I think I have figured it out in a bad way. 15 Kilometres from home, the engine stalled, made a very narly sound and quit. WTF, did the piston jam?? Fortunately I was able to slowly rotate the crankshaft, so in any case, there was still a chance of going home by moped.

After letting the engine cool for about 10 minutes, I carefully started the engine again and thank goodness, no smoke from the exhaust. Too bad tho that the engine has almost no power left and it will not go faster that 35km/h at the moment. Headwind also greatly reduces speed, so my guess is that I -only- blew a gasket.

We'll find out soon :)


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