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Honda "50" / Honda CA100T Advertisement

Popular Science dec 1961 p175 CA100T honda

Source: Popular Science, December 1961, Page 175


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CITY STREET, OPEN ROAD OR MOUNTAIN TRAIL ' FABULOUS ''50'' THE NEW LOOK IN LOW-COST, HIGH-FUN PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION! No othe r motor vehicles-two-wheeled o r fourhave created a g r eater sensatio n through out America and other parts of the w orld than the amazing new HONDA "50"s. They're co nverting thousands of men, women a nd youngsters every month to two -wheel travel-to work, market, school and outdoor fun . This year, over one million people will buy HONDA "50"s! You have 4 ligh t , lively and unbel ievably economical model s to choose from . .. precision -b uilt beauties that cost only $ 275 (there's even one for $ 245) , get up to 225 m . p .g ., take you places at a whisper-quiet 40 m .p . h . ! Easier and safer to ride than a b ike, the HONDA "50" has an automatic clutch and 3-speed transmission that sh ifts with a si mple touch of the foot. The revolutiona r y 50 cc 4 -str o ke OHV engine delivers 5 lively h o r sepower , is practi c ally maintenance -free a nd uses pump gasoline (no messy oil & g as mi x ture!) For hunters a nd fi she rmen, nothing on the market equals the performa nce of HONDA'S Trail "50". It'll take you ove r desert an d mountain co untry where not even a jeep will go. The r ugged gearing (low gea r 82 to 1) climbs 45" grades with full load, t a kes yo u over roc ks , logs , through underbrush. Quick-change rear sproc ket for speeds up to 45 m.p.h. Knobby-traction tires, dual-c am type brakes and hydraulic shocks both front and rear for easy handling over r o ughest terrain. See HONDA ' S four fabulous '' 50" s at your s p ort i n g goods , bi cycle or m ot or cycle d ea l er . on ly MARK 10 0 $245p . o. e. I ------------- '1 AMERI CAN HONDA MOTOR CO., INC. Dep t. PSII-Ii. :·;, I 40 77 West Plc o Bou levard, Lo s Ance l es 111, Calif. ;, For nearest I Pl ease send literature on the HONDA "50" line t o. /, f~ dealer, call I NAME ~ - Western Unio n I. STREET J I I by number and I CITY ZONE - STATE I ask for OPERATOR 25 . I 0 I am especiall y interested in Honda Trail "50", l 1 0 Include lit eratur e on Honda motorcycles en d ' or us e coupon I scooter (10 models available, from 125 cc to I for f ull facts . 1 305 cc). J. 0 I am interested lei dealer franchise information.

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