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Distinctive features of the Honda C200 and CT200

honda c200 in blue and red

The Honda 90 Model C-200 motorcycle is designed as an economical vehicle with many practical features such as an ability to climb steep slopes with a heavy load, easy operation, long durability and quiet running.

1. A semi-spherical combustion chamber is adopted to improve the cooling efficiency of the cylinder head and product more output with lower fuel consumption.

2. The proper speed can be selected easily at all times with the hand-operated wet multi-plate clutch and return type 4-speed transmission.

3. An oil gear pump driven by the camshaft force lubricates not only the transmission, crankshaft and cylinder head but all gears which move at high speeds, giving added durability to the engine and also preventing noise. Lubrication oil is kept clean at all times by a screen filter and special centrifugal filter.

c200 workshopmanual

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