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Oh mai, more saucy pics.

escort st50 dax nude magazine censored

Such a pretty lady posing on this mirrored Honda Dax! Especially the colour of the helmet is so retro. No wait, this is not retro, this is true 70's! If you are offended by anything else that this picture might contain, I strongly recommend not to click on "read more".

Which reminds me, I got a question recently: "if you post saucy pics, why not tag them with NSFW?" to which my answer is "I am not your mother" and "Shouldn't you be working instead of surfing?"

That said! Behold! :D
(And thank you for sending me this Patrick!)


escort st50 dax nude magazine


0 #1 Goldie 2018-03-23 19:45
Nice Dax ;)

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