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A nice Honda accessory book from 1961

A nice booklet we found and restored to a readable state!
pdf Honda Accessory book (1961) (9.04 MB)


Ordernumbers related to models:

  • Various: Y908901, Y908901T, Y1008901, Y1008901S, A955201, YB925201A, YB725201RIGHT, YB725202LEFT, Y727300
  • CB72: P775201
  • CB72, CB77: YB724901, YB727151A, YB925201A
  • C90, CA95, CB92: Y904751HR, Y904751ST, Y904751TT, Y904751TW, YB924926A, Y907151A, B725201, A725201A
  • C90, CA95: Y905701-8
  • C100, C100T, C102: 1004751, 1004901A, 1004901AA, 1004901AB, 1004901AC, 1004901AG2L, 1004901AN1L, 100-3901C, Y1004751ST, Y1004751TW, Y1004926, Y1004916A, Y1004926A, Y1004926C, Y1004926N1L, Y1004926G2L, Y1008901LS, YB1004901, Y1007151A, Y1005701, Y1007300
  • C100, C102: Y1004911
  • C110: Y1104751TW, Y1108901T, Y1105701-8, Y1107300, Y1105701
  • C71, CE71, CA72, CA77, CB72, CB77: Y708901S
  • C71, CE71, CA72, CA77, CSA77: Y704751HR, Y704751TT, Y704751TW, Y704751ST, YB707151A, Y705701-8

Other partnumbers can be found inside the document


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