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How much more data could be added to this library?

I think there is still a lot missing. Especially since I often get document requests that I, unfortunately, cannot fulfil. There are currently still 1198 PDF files (total size 14,9Gb) in storage cloud 1 in the queue that consists of manuals, magazines and books. Storage cloud two also holds a few hundred PDF files and I'm sure that there is still an unfinished batch on my work computer.

Right now, the server is processing 168 workshop manuals. What it does is extracting all the text to put the result in a plain text file. This will be freely available as well right here:

And even though I have a large heap of documents to process still, I do the occasional sweep over the internet to see if I can scoop up more manuals and more fun books to read.

Funny how Honda Motor Co. does literally nothing to preserve and share data, isn't it?

hdm 3


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