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Trusting against better judgement?

I usually get a bit antsy when I have a new bike that runs. The urge to go out for a little spin is then growing by the minute. The bike NEEDS to be taken out for a test drive. Regardless if it spills oil or not. MUST... DRIVE... Welcome to my brain that has grown perhaps a bit too fond of Honda. Some call it a passion, some call it a virus. One thing is for sure, when the opportunity is there, the Honda needs to be driven!

My trust in the mechanics of Honda is also perhaps a bit beyond reality but what do you expect? Start Honda. Drive. That's it. Keep the oil level on the mark, change he sparkplug when needed and lube the cables for a comfy control. A little maintenance is enough to start your Honda. And drive.

I hardly ever do a pre-check when I go test a newly acquired bike and that could've been my downfall today. It sounds more dramatic than it is, but a lesson has been learned today. Check new Honda. Start Honda. Drive.

So what happened, you ask? Well the oil leak stopped after I tightened the cilinder bolts and ofcourse it started at the first kick. While being on the midstand, I checked if the gearbox worked. It did. It needs MUCH adjustment, but it gets into first gear and second gear. Third gear was not important since no test drive was planned.

The tires were flat and hoping that they were not punctured, I filled them with air and whaddayaknow, the air stayed in! So it starts. It shifts gear. Tires are okay. It also brakes. "RIDE OMG RIDE!!! DOO IIIIT!!"

And so I did... Then this happened... *sigh*
Since i do not have a circlip in stock, I will leave it with this today.

front sprocket ps50

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