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Pay extra attention with an apprentice mechanic

It is always a good habit to check the repairs done on your bike or parts of it. I needed to replace my rear tyre and brought it to the shop I always have my tyres fitted. This time there was an apprentice mechanic that accepted my assignment of having my new tyre fitted to my Honda PC800 rear wheel.

So two days later (planning on my side) I had the wheel picked up by a friend and when I got home, I instantly noticed something off. The red dot did not seem to be on the side of the air valve. So I looked on the other side and there it was. But also not even near the air valve.

I then scratched my chin and noticed that the rotation was not right and it appeared that my tyre was mounted on the wrong way around. Well, that sucked because that meant that I was unable to ride my bike together with my friend that day.

I was then told that the mechanic also balanced the wheel for me. And indeed, 35 grams was added to the rim. 35 Gram. Then i noticed that on the exact opposite of the rim was 30 gram of old balance weight. So. Yes. The mechanics detected an inbalance, corrected it and considered it done. Normally, you remove all the weights, fit the tyre correctly with the dot at the valve and then balance it with new, fresh weights.

Everything has been corrected the next day, but this was just a huge waste of time. I know that they have to learn and so did I, don't get me wrong. But, it could have become dangerous with the tyre being mounted the wrong way around. 

So, check the work that has been done to your bike. It may save you a lot of trouble!

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