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Trying an LED bulb in a Honda PC800 headlight

I thought it was high time to update the ol' Pacific Coast with a LED headlight bulb. So on my shopping tour through Chinese shops, I stumbled upon this set. I was looking for a set since i own two PC800's and it would be nice if it works in one, because then I can fit the other bike as well with this LED bulb.

photo 2018 08 06 17 02 40

The bulbs look well made and are properly packaged. The shipping time was just 8 days. China is getting pleasantly fast.

So like many things on a PC800, getting things done is complicated and you can break plastic in an instant. So the previous owner decided it's a good idea to tighten a screw so hard that the philips head wore out. This in turn rusted shut and then I had to get this unscrewed again without breaking things.

photo 2018 08 06 19 34 16

Eventually after many tries and wearing that head out even more, I suddenly remember that I once got a tube of Screw Grab from Birdman, a cool dude from the long-ago. [1] [2] With this stuff, you apply a few drops on a proper philips bit, insert the bit, give it a few taps with a hammer and give it a careful but decisive turn.

photo 2018 08 06 18 05 39

So these bulbs have a ring which you can "screw" off. I strongly recommend that you do that because it makes fitting the bulb a lot easier. So once you have taken off the ring, you insert it in the back of the headlight. Notch in the front downwards. (see that horizontal line?) Now you can lock the ring with the clip. Good luck with that.

photo 2018 08 06 19 05 19 2

Next you insert the bulb and if you do it correctly, you only have to turn it slightly counterclockwise (from your point of view) and it locks in the ring. Afterwards, you connect the bulb to the original bulb plug and you're set. If you leave the engine off, you can hear the little fan spin up when you switch the key to contact. I also made a vertical line on the tip of the bulb to vially see that the bulb is on the right position. In hindsight, this was not needed, everything fits nice and snug.

photo 2018 08 06 19 05 20

The bulb is pretty bright! This photo is taken about 2m from the headlight in really bright daylight:

photo 2018 08 06 18 30 58

Lastly, here are two photos from Normal light and High beam.

photo 2018 08 06 18 30 57 2

photo 2018 08 06 19 05 21


This bulb is apparently meant for a projector-type headlight! It doesn't matter tho. It's nice and bright! :D

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