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Oh dear, saucy bits!

British Telecom already found out once that this website contained a picture that contained a dangly [CENSORED] and a bunch of bouncy [CENSORED] which you should totally not see by clicking here and thusly kicked this website outside the great UK firewall. Yeh. I felt like such a badass! Woo!

Then yesterday, my phone went *ding* and a picture was sent to me by Patrick showing two lovely women from the 70's standing next to a HondaCD50! He's sent some nice stuff before and this one is from his stack as well. So here we go. Hold on to your hat!

CD50 pikant waifu2x photo noise1 scale tta 1


Thanks Patrick! Looking forward to your next submission of stuff! :D

 (Click the Read More / Lees Meer link for the whole picture)



cd50 pikant

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