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Playboy Playmates of the Year and their prize vehicles

From StillOnlyPostsPlayboyPlaymatesFromBefore2000:


When a woman was crowned Playmate of the Year, she was awarded prizes. These awards fluctuated with the fortunes of the magazine and the U.S. economy, obviously, but one thing remained consistent; they always won some kind of vehicle or vehicles. The official line is that "Playmates of the Year receive an additional US$100,000 plus a car and a motorcycle.” Having said that, there were at least a few years where it’s unclear even to Playboy Magazine itself what, if any, car was awarded.


This is Donna Michelle, first PMOY to win vehicles. According to Matt Hardigree of the website "Tying in perfectly to the launch of the original Ford Mustang, Playboy gave Michelle a pink '64 Ford Mustang complete with a 289 V-8."

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