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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year 2016 Tumblr Quotes

Happy new year, everyone!

I would like to express my thanks to all the members and visitors that came in big waves to this website. Literally from every corner of the world, sometimes serving up to 120 countries in one month. On a few occasions, the number of visitors even exceeded the capacity of this website, but that has been taken care of.

Currently, there are still articles queued up until March and after that, the rate of articles will drop to just a few per year. Keep in mind that you had about one new (or recycled) article per two days in 2016, but preparing this takes quite a bit of time that I now want to spend differently. I think I've done my share since 2003/2004 in preserving Honda's heritage and will now take some time off to enjoy riding and restoring my collection of Hondas! 

Don't worry, though. There is still so much more in my archive to publish, so I will not run out of material to publish any time soon. The VIN database will be picked up too again. It's a very tedious job, but I'll get to complete that too someday.

I leave the forum up to you. It will be there, but I only deal with the direct messages and emails sent to me from people in need of help. So it is up to you to help each other and share stories on the forum! Spread the word and if you are so inclined, help out with a small donation for the running costs of this website.

With warm regards and have an awesome 2017,

Peter van Geelen


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