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Excerpt from "Funky Mopeds!"

Chris Alty now races 50cc two-strokes. But he started his motorcycling career on a Honda SS50 four-stroke. "I got a second-hand Kermit green SS50 5 speed from ACME Motorcydes, in Skelmersdale, when I was 16. It wouldn’t have heen my choice, but my father was buying it, and it was a sensible bike. People used to say 'An SS50? Oh deary me, never mind.' It wasn't the fastest sports moped around, but my dad and I did some work on it to make it quicker."

“The Garellis is were always among the fastest, but even then we knew the Hondas and Yamahas were more reliable, and better built. However, the Garellis were physically bigger, and more like a proper motorcycle. The Honda SS50 4 speeds had grey frames and short bars, and were desperately slow. The 5 speed version was a lot better, but it still went chuff-ehuff-chuff. ” - Brent Fielder.

“The SS50 was slow, always at the back of the pack. but there were a few around. Some people bought it to be different, others because their dads wanted them to have a 4-stroke. ” - Russell Marsden.

Title: Funky Mopeds!
Author: Richard Skelton
ISBN10: 1845844807
ISBN13: 9781845844806
Page: 46


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