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Mission "Back on the road": Honda GL1000

This is a classic Honda GL1000 that I am working on now. A bike that has been put in a dry shed 12-15 years ago and given up on for reasons I did not ask about. 

photo 2016 06 02 10 11 44

The breakerpoints have been replaced by a Dyna pickup coil and that seems to work. What worries me is the very weak spark I saw at the sparkplugs. Another thing is that there is still a liter of waxy old fuel in the fuel tank. The fuel cock was clogged as well, but that has been solved now. 

photo 2016 06 02 10 11 30

It has all kinds of horns built on it which I will probably remove, because frankly, it is a load of willies to have two electric and two pneumatic horns on a bike. Honda people are supposed to be the nice people, you know! ;)

But on the other hand, that is not my job for now, my current assignment is to get this dustbug running again. When that is done, it can be made look nice too again if they want. But for now, the joints in my hands hurt a little too much so I will continue this project next week.

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