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Mission "Back on the road": Honda CBR600F Hurricane

Since I have some more spare time since this year, I decided to spend some of my time to people who have a motorcycle in the shed that they have no time/knowledge of to get the engine running or get other things done.

Last week, I got this Honda CBR600F from 1989 running again. It did start, but only on full choke and then ran rather irregular. The carbs have been taken off and cleaned and the intake rubbers have been replaced. Now it starts and runs nice, but needs some tweaking and balancing still. Since I cannot do that, I recommended the owner to bring it to the shop and let them do it. Also, the owner needs to put the fairing back on himself. (Also because I 'hate' fairings, and people can save work fee if they do things themselves.)

Total charge: € 95,- (Manual carburetor cleaning and work fee € 50, Rubber inlets € 45) 



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