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Pow! The Honda PS50 engine has come to life!

This is an article from the archive, PS50 project is on hold.
Update: Video is fixed.

After completing the overhaul of the PS50 engine I have decided to hang it back into the frame to see if it woulod start up! First things first so see if the sparkplug sparks. And it did not. Given that the sparkplug lead is wonky, I assumed that this may be the problem. I tested the ignition system with a spare coil and everything seemed to work. In the end it was a wire that was incorrectly connected and after making that right, the spark plug did its job!

Second was to check if fuel actually made it into the carburettor and since I already cleaned it previously, this was not a problem. So the last item on the agenda was filling it up with oil. This almost turned into a disaster as I forgot to refit the oil drain plug.

So the basic prerequisites have been met: 1. Spark, Fuel, Oil.

Now it was time to turn the engine a few times to get the oil around through the block and bearings. After that was done, the spark plug got refitted and it became tome to do some math. Spark + Fuel = Bang! It took only one kick and the engine ran! And how! No weird noises and it is quite noticeable that -all- the bearings have been replaced. This is now done and I will now have to continue fixing the frame/tank/drivechain/brakes/seat!

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